VSO Resizer: Key Features that Make a Difference

VSO Resizer is an easy to use image resizer that is compatible with Windows operating systems. VSO Resizer is available for free, so you have nothing to lose by downloading it and giving it a try. This guideline will go over a few features of VSO Resizer, such as being able to resize images, output and export images, and other cool extra settings.

1. Resize Images

VSO Resizer allows you to resize images and convert them to a different format with ease. If you are working on a large number of images, you can resize and/or convert all of them with a single click of your mouse. When you are converting images, VSO Resizer even allows you to choose an output resolution.

2. Output and Export

VSO Resizer contains a publish function that you can use to email images or add them to a ZIP file. You can also use VSO Resizer to create a PDF document that contains your images. The shell integration feature that is included with VSO Resizer even allows you to access various profiles with a single click of your mouse.

3. Extra Settings

VSO Resizer comes with HTML-like text formatting that you can use to add a copyright to your images. You can even create your own watermark and apply it to your images with VSO Resizer.