Visual Hindsight Security Camera Software 101

Visual Hindsight is security camera software which enables you to monitor remotely over the Internet or a direct network, and also record surveillance footage. It can work seamlessly with video servers and a number of network cameras.

Number of Cameras and Network Capabilities

Visual Hindsight has three editions of its software. The Professional version supports 100 cameras for display and 50 for recording. The Home version is capable of handling 20 cameras for display and four for recording. The Viewer version does not support recording and can handle 20 cameras for display.

The entire three versions are network capable, enabling you to create set of URLs for video servers and the cameras. These features are especially useful for people in the business of surveillance and recording footage, as separate accounts can be maintained of sets of video servers and cameras in a single database.

Camera and Server Compatibility

The software supports all types of cameras on a network which can take JPEG images or image streams in M-JPEG. The usual analog camera versions are also supported when they are connected through the video servers. Depending on the controls available on the camera, the software is capable of executing commands like zooming, panning, tilting and positioning.

Recording and Viewing

Visual Hindsight provides direct AVI recording in compressed format to disk. The retention of the footage is automatically wrapped around for optimizing the space on the disk. You can also set various parameters for retention, which will delete files as per their age or size. Recording based on simple motion sensors is also possible.

All the three versions provide automatic tiling and full screen viewing. Whenever there is a failure to connect, you can program the software to send an alert via email.