ViewCommander: An Overview

ViewCommander is professional software for video cameras running on network IP. Although most of these cameras come with relevant software, it is often not enough; ViewCommander augments the functionality and features of these cameras. The software enables you to view, enhance and record footage of IP cameras and also gain control over their various functions. This versatile software is ideal for security at home and in the office and is used by many professionals in military and law enforcement agencies.

Equipment Compatiblity

ViewCommander is compatible with numerous cameras which support MJPEG and JPEG formats. Audio recording is also possible with AXIS cameras. The software works on Windows XP, 7 and Server 2003 operating systems.

Recording and Viewing

The software will record at 30FPS per camera, but you have control over setting the recording speed by varying the number of frames per second. Each camera's footage can be recorded in a separate location on your drive and can also be saved to NAS (Network Attached Storage). Recording can be set to start on detecting motion in order to save on storage space. As per requirements, you can set automatic delete options based on date of archived files. You can also lock certain files to prevent them from getting deleted. Archiving of selected snapshots from video is also possible after enhancements. Playback is possible in real time with all controls like fast forward, rewind, single step and pause.


The software provides PTZ controls for similarly enabled cameras and also stabilization of image. You can also enhance the video quality for night viewing apart from the usual controls for brightness, reduction of noise and equalization.


The software provides a video and web server which is integrated. Multiple live videos can be accessed remotely through the Web and you can also access recorded video the same way. ViewCommander also has a separate version for mobile phones and pocket PCs that provides the same access features.