Video Editing: When and How To Use a Wipe Cut

A wipe cut can create transitions within your video. It is created when one shot replaces another shot with a distinct type of edge that will form a shape.

Most video editing software programs provide set wipe styles, however you can adjust the length of overlap between shots to fit your needs.

Wipe Cut Techniques

There are several variations of wipe cuts that you can use when editing video. The following steps list different types of wipe cuts and how they can be used. The only materials you will need include:

  • Digital video footage
  • Computer
  • Video editing software

Step 1 - Upload Video

Upload your video to your computer and activate the video editing software.

Step 2 - Choose Wipe Technique

View your video in its entirety to determine where and when you can apply a wipe technique. The following are some wipe techniques to consider.

Invisible Wipe

A commonly used type of wipe cut in films is an invisible wipe where the camera follows the direction of the subject. This can be following the subject into another room through parallel tracking. The wall passes in front of the camera and at that time you can match that take to another take to make it seamless. If you are following a lot of action, this wipe technique will allow for quick sequences without the wipe being noticeable. This technique is useful in filming a children's party due to its active nature.

Iris Wipe

Iris wipes create a transition through a shrinking or enlarging circle. It is typically used to delineate the end of a story. This type of wipe is centered on a certain image or focal point. For example, if you are filming stories about three different people, you can use an iris wipe at the end of each person's story.

Clock Wipe

This wipe technique is often used to mark the passage of time within a story between shots. It is done through sweeping a radius around a central point in the frame and then revealing the next shot which can be spinning hands on a clock or the flipping of a calendar. This technique is great for montages showing a child's progression into adulthood in a graduation video.

Matrix Wipe

A technique that uses a pattern for a transition between images is a matrix wipe. The patterns that you can use are virtually endless. The one you choose should relate to your video in some manner such as party hats for a birthday party video.

Star Wipe

A star wipe is used to provide extra attention or relate importance in a video. It is in the shape of a shrinking or enlarging star. This technique can be used on a video for a school play highlighting your child as the star of the production.

Heart Wipe

A heart wipe is commonly used to impart an event of loved ones such as a wedding, anniversary or graduation. It takes the shape of a shrinking or growing heart often with a focal point in the middle.

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