Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to VirtualDub

Virtualdub is one of many video editing tools that was developed specifically for Windows operating systems. It not only captures video, but will also edit it. This is completely free software. In order for the software to run on MAC or Linux systems, an additional plugin, Wine, is needed. Otherwise, it cannot function on other operating system. 

Features of the Software

This type of software has several different capture features, as it is possible to capture using video for Windows and DirectShow. It supports any type of AVI file. This capture will easily get rid of the many problems that can arise with digitally captured images. It can also create videos from a series of targas or bitmaps. It does this by giving the individual file names. Those frames are adjusted to a video with a sound track layered on top. The software can also delete, add and reorder the different video segments. It does not contain any transition effects, though there are many filters available. These filters can affect arbitrary rotation, grayscale and more. There are additional plugin filters that can be used to alter the video.

General Utility

This software is a type of general software that is used to clean up videos. This is not nearly as powerful as Adobe Premier, but it is a fast program that can take care of basic video issues. Anyone can use it, as it is licensed by the GNU General Public License. It is possible to process large numbers of videos using the batch processing options. Originally it could only work with AVI files, but now it is possible to deal with BMP and MPEG-1 formats. It can run on Windows 95 through Windows NT. This is a new program that was released in April 2010.

Digital Cameras

In particular, this software is perfect for those that take short videos with their digital cameras, as the quality is not nearly as good as camcorders. With digital cameras, there are issues with shaking and resolution issues. The sound is also an issue, as it is low resolution as well.  Many times, editing these small clips are a problem because the normally video editing software will not recognize these types of video files, which are usually compressed video files. Additionally, many computers will not recognize this type of video format.

Software Specifications

The software allows for consistent usage of the hard disk as it can run using optimized disk access. Additionally, it can use a fractional frame rate and can create multiple files to get around the FAT32 4GB limit. It is possible to monitor the input levels of the sound, as well as reduce any unwanted noise. It is possible to access hidden video formats, and there are mouse and keyboard shortcuts that allow for fast capture and editing. The interface is very easy to use, as there is a status bar, info panel, menu bar and caption. The one issue it has is that it cannot order the different scenes, as it is a linear editing program. You do not need a fancy computer to use it, as it runs on your average computers.