Using Workspace Tools in Adobe Premiere

Using the workspace tools Adobe Premiere provides can be a little confusing if you're not familiar with the program. If this is your first time editing, then don't get frustrated. Use this informational guide to help you learn about all the possibilities that are at your imagination to help share your vision with the world.

Please note that the keyboard short cuts for the tools are in the parenthesis.

Selection (V)

This is probably going to be the tool you will use the most. As the name suggests, you use it to select clips you wish to work with. You can also use it to drag clips along the timeline. If this tool is positioned at the beginning or end of a clip, you can use it to expand the length of the video.

Track Select (A)

This is similar to the selection tool except when using this, you will select everything on the track that's to the right of where ever you position it. If you shift click with this tool, you can select everything on the timeline that is to the right of where you position it.

Ripple Edit (B)

When using this tool, if you trim a clip, then all the subsequent clips will be shifted by the amount you've trimmed. This can be a time saving tool.

Rolling Edit (N)

A rolling edit trims a clips in and out points simultaneously. It moves the edit points in the clip while preserving its length, which also preserves the length of your sequence. 

Rate Stretch (X)

This tool allows you to stretch or shrink a clip, which puts it in fast and slow motion.

Razor (C)

This tool allows you to slice a clip in tool. After the selection tool, this will probably be the second most tool used.

Slip (Y)

This tool is similar to the rolling edit, where you can change a clip's starting and end points without affecting anything else.

Slide (U)

This tool allows you to drag a clip without changing its length, but it will trim the length of the clips adjacent to it.

Pen (P)

The pen tool is a quick way to work with keyframes on a track. It can also be used to create curves in the Titler. You can use keyframes to adjust a clips volume and change video effects over time.

Hand (H)

Use this tool to scroll through your timeline without worrying about changing anything.

Zoom (Z)

This tool allows you to zoom in and out of the timeline.

Now that you know what the tools do, it's time to open Premiere and start playing with them.

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