Using Ulead PhotoImpact to Touch Up Your Photos

Ulead PhotoImpact is versatile photo editing software, which provides a variety of tools to touch up your photos. The software has two modes depending on the level of the user's expertise, and hence it is preferred by novices as well as professionals. Here are a few steps showing how PhotoImpact can be used to touch up your images.

Step 1: Open Your Image in PhotoImpact

After initializing PhotoImpact, click on File on the top menu bar and select Open. Browse to the image, and select it to open it.

Step 2: Select the Mode

The Express Fix mode will make matters very easy for a novice and most of the editorial processes are automatic. You just need to choose from thumbnails that appear most visually appealing. The Full Edit mode gives a variety of editing options where you can choose a variety of tools to precisely edit the photo in the way you desire.  

Step 3: Use the Tool Palette

The vertical Tool Palette on the left of your screen offers a variety of tools to set things right in your image. One of the most encountered problems in images is Red Eye, which can be quickly dealt with by clicking on the Remove Red Eye button. Similarly, there are different tools in the Tool Palette which will enable you to enhance skin tones, change the level of color saturation and also adjust the textures and brightness of an image.