Using Titles from Illustrator in Adobe Premiere

If you create still image files with Illustrator, Adobe Premiere can easily import those files into projects or clip sequences created in Premiere. Adobe Premiere offers native support for Adobe Illustrator .ai files and can import the files without any type of conversion or special formatting being needed beforehand. Using your Illustrator files in Premiere is a snap, and this handy how-to guide will walk you through every step of the process.

What You Will Need

  • A computer with Adobe Premiere installed
  • An Adobe Illustrator file to import into Adobe Premiere

Step 1: Open Adobe Premiere

Launch the Adobe Premiere program by clicking on its desktop icon in Windows or selecting the appropriate icon on your Mac computer's desktop dock.

Step 2: Open or Create a Project in Adobe Premiere

Browse to the Adobe Premiere project that you want to import the illustrator still image into. Alternatively, you can create a new Adobe Premiere project by choosing the 'File | Create New Project' option. Also, you can use standard Windows or Mac keyboard shortcuts to open or create files in Adobe Premiere as well.

Step 3: Import the Illustrator Still Image File into Adobe Premiere

Go to the file menu bar, and then select the 'Import' option. Once the import file dialog box pops up, choose the Illustrator.AI file type, and then browse to the folder or directory that contains the Illustrator file you wish to import into Adobe Premiere. Double-click on the file and the file will be brought into your project manager window. Once you import the Illustrator still image, it should automatically be displayed in the source monitor viewer on your screen.

(Tip - If your Adobe Illustrator file is much larger than the aspect ratio that is being used with your Adobe Premiere project, you may want to apply crop marks or reduce the size of the image before importing it into Adobe Premiere. Adobe Premiere will convert the .AI Illustrator file into a Premiere compatible bitmap format and also apply anti-aliasing to smooth edges on the image. However, Adobe Premiere will not automatically crop or resize your still images.)

Step 4: Apply Edits and Transitions to the Illustrator Image

Once you have imported the Illustrator still image into Adobe Premiere, you can apply edits to the still image much in the same way as you would to video clips. You can perform trim edits to add additional frames to the still image's clip container to increase the length of time that the image is displayed in your video.

You can also add transitions or effects to the still image just as you would with normal video clips. If the Illustrator still image is a symbol of your logo or brand, you can also easily create copies of the still image and drop them in various points between clips on your timeline to act as promo material. However, remember that applying certain transitions to the still image may require that the image be rendered before it can be viewed in playback mode inside your source monitor viewer.

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