Using the Transparency Tool in Xara Designer

The transparency tool is normally used to make opaque objects transparent. Various alterations can be made to the object (when it comes to transparency) in an easy way. The following are the steps to how you can make an object see-through using the transparency tool in Xara Designer.

Step 1: Using the Slider

The first action that you will need to take is to click on the transparency tool. After that, choose the object that you would like to use. Once you have selected the object that you would like to use, click and drag the slider that is on the information bar. You will notice that as you move the slider, the object becomes more and more transparent, with the objects beneath gradually showing through.

Step 2: Graduated Transparency

Just like straight forward flat transparency, it is also possible to apply graduated transparency simply by clicking and dragging. The start and end points can also be varied. By selecting the pointer, the object can fade from completely solid to fully transparent gradually.

Step 3: The Transparent Effect

It is also possible to move the transparent effect. There are various transparency shapes which include circular and elliptical transparencies. Once they are applied, they can be easily edited. This can be done by changing the angle of fade using the start and end points. When you select the repeating option, you will generate a series of transparency effects on the object that make it look more interesting in the end.