Using the Instant Artist Studio

Serif Photoplus X3 is a photo editing software program that has a very interesting feature in it called Instant Artist Studio. Instant Artist Studio allows users to add effect filters to their photographs with just one click. Some of these filters include Pencil (turns the photograph into a pencil sketch), Paint and Ink (transforms the photograph into a painting while retaining some of the depth and shadow), Old Master (gives the photograph the style of a Monet painting), and Water Color (makes the photograph look like a water color painting).

Step 1: Open Photograph

Using the Instant Artist Studio is easy. First, start Photoplus and then open your photograph in the program. Save the photo under a different name so that the original file will remain unaltered. Then, click 'Instant Artist' on the toolbar.

Step 2: Add Effect

Instant Artist Studio will open and to the right of the photograph you will see thumbnails representing the possible filters you can apply. Clicking on the thumbnail will create a preview of how your photo will look with that filter. Each effect has it's own settings that can be altered. The 'View' button on the toolbar below the photo let's you switch to split screen mode so you can see the original photograph and the filter's effect at the same time.

When you're happy with the effect, all you have to do is click 'OK' to have it applied to your photo.