Using the FTP Uploader in ACDSee Pro

One of the greatest pleasures in taking pictures and videos is sharing them with your friends and family, and FTP uploader in ACDSee Pro can help you share your pictures quickly and easily. If you haven’t used an FTP uploader before, you might feel a little intimidated. The truth is that the program offers you the chance for seamless uploading and sharing. Transferring, storing, accessing and sharing pictures are now possible using the ACDSee Pro.

Key Concepts

There are some important tips and tricks to remember when using the FTP uploader. It is designed to help you accelerate your work. You can use it anytime you want to upload files to the FTP site. If you have created a profile on an FTP site, you can upload the files you wish to share under your profile anytime.

Also, you do not need to worry about duplicating files and images. FTP uploader gives you different choices when it detects possible duplicates. You can rename the file and replace it with the new one or abort upload, skipping the particular file.

Image resizing is also possible when using the FTP uploader. You can choose the size you want, depending on where you want to use the particular image. There are different sizes for printing, using on the web and archiving.

The ACDSee Pro Software Program

ACDSee Pro allows you to browse your computer to quickly locate the images you want, and use the edit tools before using the FTP uploader to share them with your friends.