Using the Digital Photo Editor in Scrapbook Factory

Scrapbook Factory is a photo-editing software designed for quick photo editing and scrapbook creating. The all-inclusive features offer you the chance to preserve great memories and create beautiful scrapbook pages. You can choose from an entire collection of templates and photo-realistic graphics suitable for family events.

Using Special Features

The Scrapbook Factory software has special features designed to create fantastic 3 step scrapbooks with the help of over 6,000 exclusive designs and over 60,000 graphics. You can customize your scrapbook pages with the help of over 5,000 photo-realistic features, and create CD scrapbooks that you can later watch on your monitor or widescreen TV. The greatest thing about this product is the newly improved Digital Photo Editor.

Understanding the Digital Photo Editor

Scrapbook Factory comes with an enhanced digital photo editor. This feature is great for fixing or customizing your photos and images. The editor allows you not only standard editing, but also to add special effects or remove any red-eye effect and crop in custom shapes. The photo editing tools are far more superior than standard tools used in basic editing programs. They are also faster and easier to use.

The Digital Photo Editor in Scrapbook Factory includes special features such as contrast editing for light and color, photo repairing and cropping. You can flip your photos, rotate them and resize them, as well. You can choose from over 5,000 templates or create your own custom ones if you wish to add a more unique touch.

You can easily quick edit your projects by editing images, pictures and text and changing the layers. Choose from a various range of page setup options and adjust sizes and orientations. It is also ideal for preparing your photos to be double side printed. You can create the desired printing format with the help of Digital Photo Editor.

File Import and Flexibility

Another great feature of the Scrapbook Factory software is the File Import and Flexibility features. You can easily import files such as images and photographs from your digital camera devices, scanners, CDs and DVDs. The program shows a small or large thumbnail of each photo or image. This way, it makes it easy for you to see which files you are importing.

Flexibility is yet another great feature of Scrapbook Factory, mainly because the program has that simple drag-and-drop design. This makes the application flexible and suitable for both professionals and beginners. The automated and ready-made options help users organize photos and create fantastic scrapbook pages. It doesn’t take a lot of time creating your project and it is also simple to do it. Plus, the Scrapbook Factory supports all file formats, including PDF files. And, it has a great set of tutorials for those who find the program a little difficult to use.

The Scrapbook Factory software is a both easy-to-use and a flexible digital scrapbooking application.