Using the Cloud Pen in Corel PhotoImpact

If you are a creative person, you will love the Cloud Pen that is available in Corel PhotoImpact. The Cloud Pen allows you to create realistic looking clouds that look like they are moving. Best of all, you can create clouds in a matter of minutes by following the below directions.

1. Opening the Cloud Pen

To open the Cloud Pen in Corel PhotoImpact, you will first need to have an image open. Once you have an image open, go to the Toolbox, click on the Paint Tool drop-down menu and click on "Cloud Pen."

2. The Cloud Pen Settings

Once you have opened the Cloud Pen, go to the Tool Settings - Brush panel. You are able to adjust several settings here, such as the shape and size of the brush that will be used to create the clouds. You can also set the painting mode, fading and spacing for your clouds. You may need to test different settings out a few times before you find the settings that create the clouds that you are looking for. For the color, you should select white, unless you are looking to create clouds of a different color. If you would like your clouds to have swirling strokes, select Vortex from the drop-down menu in the panel.

3. Using the Cloud Pen

To begin creating clouds in Corel PhotoImpact, simply position your mouse where you want the clouds to begin and click "down."
You will need to drag your mouse in the position in which you want the clouds to go. To create clouds that have the appearance that they are being blown, move your mouse in a downward direction to the right hand side of the image.