Using the Advanced Color Tool in ACDSee Pro 3

Advanced Color is a very useful feature found in the ACDSee Pro 3 software program. This feature allows you to have an overall control on the colors of your images and pictures. You can get precise control easily, making the proper adjustments on the color, the brightness, saturation or hue of the image you have in your hands.

The advanced color tool is easy to use, therefore you don’t need to worry if you are not experienced with image editing. Basically, the program allows you to be as playful as you want, and try different options of the program until you get the result you want.

The Advanced Color Tools

Advanced Color has three main tools you can use: saturation, hue and vibrance tool. The saturation tool allows you to adjust the vividness of the color in the entire image or on a color by color basis, depending on your taste. Saturation will help you saturate your images, partially or not. You can choose to saturate parts of the images you are working on or the entire image. When you open the Color Tools, you will see the Saturation first and then Brightness and Hue.

In the case you want to increase the saturation of the image, you can work with vibrance as well, since it will give you the chance to edit saturation without messing with the skin tones. You can adjust the vertical panel lines accordingly, in order to achieve the result you want.

The Hue Tool allows you to either change completely the color of your image, or change the color in specific parts of the image. Go to the curve control graph and make the proper adjustments on the white curve. You will also see the black curve that is associated with the combination of the positions of the slider.
The brightness-vibrance tool allows you to adjust the brightness of the image, increasing or decreasing the color brightness of the entire image (or in specific parts of the image).

Adjusting the Tools

Advanced Color gives you the chance to make the adjustments you want using the control graphs and sliders on the editing window. You can use the vertical slider to adjust the brightness, saturation and hue of the image, or you can use the graph to apply the changes you want to particular parts of the image. You will be able to adjust the tones and the vibrancy of the colors without affecting the image balance.

Advanced Color Program Interface

Except for the usual tools and elements of the interface, there is a vast variety of menus with a plethora of key features. There are drop down menus and features at the bottom of the screen. The program also enables right clicking in order to facilitate some adjustments. The color slide bars also help you retain control over the images at all points. When opening the program, you might be intimidated by the variety of options, but they are there to help you, even if you are a novice in image editing.