Using Texture Filters in Alien Skin Eye Candy

Alien Skin Eye Candy is a plug-in for Photoshop and filter software for creating texture effects on images. The easy interface lets you create the effect in a short time with an automatic adaptation to the size of the image. You can create textures for photos, logos or titles. The software offers more than 1500 presets which are efficiently organized for fast access. There are three ways in which texture filters can be used and they are as follows.

Plain Texture Mode

In this mode, the texture fills the whole image. For this example, a texture will be applied as a background to a logo. Open a logo in Photoshop and click on the Eye Candy 6 tab in the right panel. You will find that your logo is on a transparent layer. Choose one of the filters you would like to apply from the right panel.

In the window that opens, click on the Settings tab and select Settings Tour for various options in your chosen filter. If the filter is not able to fill up the whole image, then click on the Basic tab and check the Seamless Tile option, which will tile your filter seamlessly throughout your image. Click OK and you will find the chosen texture layer as a background to your logo.

Applying Texture for a Painterly Effect

Open an image and select a filter texture you would like to apply as an effect over the image. In the Filter window which opens, click on the Settings tab and select Painterly. From the group, select the effect which is required. Click OK and it is done.

Applying Texture to a Shape

Open your image and select the object on which you would like to apply a texture, as separate layer. Select a filter and in the box click on Settings, select Painterly and choose an effect. Click OK to apply the texture.