Using Text in ACDSee Photo Editor

ACDSee Photo Editor is a professional quality photo editor. This makes it possible to edit all of your photos and make them look much better. This has all of the tools required to touch up your photographs and create various creative projects.

As well as just editing your photos, it is possible to create all kinds of personalized keepsakes. These include greetings cards, invitations and business cards. ACDSee is very easy to use and doesn't require much training or practice. Adding text to your project is easy and makes your greetings cards look much better.

Step 1: Opening ACDSee Photo Editor

The first thing that you need to do is open ACDSee by selecting it from your computer. Then, either open a project that you want to continue, or start a new project if you want to start from scratch.

Step 2: Adding Straight Text

The easiest thing to do is add straight text to your photographs and projects. To do this, select the Text tool from the top of the screen. Now, click anywhere on the layout where you want the text to be located. The text will be added as a new layer automatically. If you want everything on the same layer, then it is possible to merge down the layers to flatten the image.

Step 3: Entering Text

When you have clicked on the layout to position the text, you can then enter it. There will be a blinking cursor on the screen which shows that you can type text. To add a new line, press enter. Enter all of the text that you want to your project. When you have finished adding the text, you should then press escape (ESC) to cancel the text editor.

Step 4: Arranging Text on a Path

It's also possible to arrange your text along a path rather than simply positioning it in a straight line. This makes it possible to create much more stunning looking projects. This is very easy and you should first create your straight text as above. Then, click on the selection tool and select the text.

Step 5: Choosing the Path

Then, choose the style of path that you want the text to follow. As soon as you click on these different styles, the preview window will be updated automatically. If you don't want the path itself to be visible then you should set the pen size to zero.

Step 6: Moving Text

When you have finished creating the text, you can then move it around. This is very easy. Start by clicking on the selection tool and clicking on the text. With the text selected, you are then able to click and drag it into position. The Rotate and Skew can also be adjusted by clicking on the button in the text editor settings.

More text can then be added in exactly the same way until you are happy with your design. When all of the text is added, you should then save your project and you can also think about printing it.