Using Sonicfire Pro Scoring Edition

The Sonicfire Pro Scoring Edition 5, developed by SmartSound Software, Inc., is a music editing software that lets you add and edit royalty free music tracks to multimedia projects. The application comes with a host of features that let you control nearly every facet of the musical development with relation to scenarios in your project. The many features that are available with Sonicfire Pro are briefly illustrated below.

Express Track & Custom Length Controls

Described as a “royalty free music search engine,” it allows you to specify and search for music tracks of specific lengths, and mix and moods that suit your specification. The Custom Length control is particularly useful in order to get a sound track of exactly the right length which has a beginning, a middle and an end, in short a complete music track of a length you specify. This adds to the overall effect of any multimedia project, letting you control when a particular track should begin, but more importantly, it also allows you to control when it ends.

In addition, in the Time Line area of Sonicfire Pro, you will be able to fine tune the length of track to by dragging cursors at the beginning and end of your tracks to either increase or decrease the length of your track depending on your needs.

Mood Mapping & Timing Controls

These tools will allow you to set the mood of your music video, adjusting the volume of the whole track or specific instrument, at the time of your choice (during the track). In addition, you will be able to control the instrument mix in your music through Sonicfire Pro’s Mood Key frames, giving complete control over all the musical aspects of your track.

Beat Alignment & Transition Controls

Other tools in Sonicfire Pro, such as the Beat Alignment tools, will help you emphasize certain parts of your project, while other tools, such as the Transition Time tool, will let you control subtle transitions between music and/or audio tracks.