Using Roxio Media Import

Roxio Media Import enables you to import various media files to your computer so that you can work on your multimedia production projects with other components of the Roxio suite. These files may include videos, digital photos, audio and also titles of DVD movies. The following describes how these files can be imported.

Step 1: Importing Interface

Open the Roxio Media Import window, and you will find an easy interface for importing all your media files. The left panel of the window has three buttons to choose between: Audio, Video or Photo files.

Step 2: Selecting the Drive or Device

Clicking on any of the three buttons, the area becomes ready for importing the specific type of media you have selected. For example, if you have clicked on the Photo button, the window will have a drop down list of various devices and drives that you have connected to your computer. From this, choose the one which is holding the photos you want.

Step 3: Previewing

Once you select the device or drive, the window will now show all the photos in that device in thumbnail sizes. Similarly, if you have clicked on the Audio or Video buttons, it will be showing those particular files. To have a preview, click on the photo to select it and then click on the Preview button. A separate window opens for Preview.

Step 4: Selecting

To select a group of photos, press the Ctrl key and click on the required photos. To select all the photos in a folder, click on the Select All button.

Step 5: Importing Options

Select how you want the media files saved on the hard drive or if you want it burnt on a disc, and then click on the Import Now button.