Using Portrait Professional For Close Up Photos

Portrait Professional helps to enhance portraits through its many features and tools--from making an image more presentable to transforming the look of the model--by correcting inconsistencies in the pictures. Here is how this software is useful in enhancing close up photographs and portraits.

Importing the Picture

You can simply import the image to be enhanced and load it on the software for further work. This product supports most types of images, hence making the importing faster and easier.

Selecting Areas for Correction

First you need to specify the gender, so the software can automatically correct (based on the program), and then select the prominent areas on the face, such as the eyebrows, eyes, nose and lips. Take care not to shift the points; instead try to match the points with those on the face. The outline does not need to be accurate.


You have many tools like the 'Master Fade' slider that allows you to tweak the face as much as you desire. This does not affect the shape of the face. The eyes not being leveled can be corrected using the 'eye' slider, and the shape of the mouth with the 'mouth shape' slider. You can even adjust and correct inconsistencies and noise on the skin by using the skin slider.

Sometimes, however, the software may not remove all the imperfections on the skin. In such cases, you can use the airbrush and paint tools to manually correct the picture. Although the acne or blemishes are removed in the final image, the picture still depicts all the details of the skin.