Using Plastic Bullet for Great iPhone Pictures

Plastic Bullet by Red Giant is a very simple app for iPhone users to help them take outstanding photographs. Here are few of the features which make this app simple, as well as great, for taking iPhone photos.

Multiple Choices

The first appealing feature is the array of choices you have for choosing the effects for your image. Once you have launched the app and shoot a photo, you are presented with four thumbnails at a time of your photo with different effects. Tap on the Refresh button and the next four thumbnail displays come up. This way, you can choose the one which is most visually appealing and save it by tapping the Heart button.

You do not have to tweak any controls or figure out any technical aspects of photography. It just comes down to choosing what is visually appealing to your eyes. Once you spot the thumbnail you like, you need to tap on it and it is presented in full screen. You have a choice of saving it in the library. You can also follow the same process for a photo which is already taken and is present in the library.


Just with a few taps, you can share your photos on Flickr and Facebook directly from this app.


The settings for resolution and other aspects can also be tweaked directly from the iPhone's Settings application.