Using Picnik Photo Edit to Retouch Photos

The online Picnik Photo Edit program offers various tools and filters to edit and enhance your digital images. The program is also integrated with many social and photo sharing sites so that you can directly transfer your photos seamlessly. Here are the basic steps for retouching photos in Picnik.

Step 1 - Open the Photo

Go to the Picnik website and click on the Library tab which gives you a number of options for opening your photo, depending where you have stored it. If the photo is on your hard disk, click on "Get from Computer" and select your image file.

Step 2 - Edit Tab

Once your photo is uploaded you will be in the Edit tab which has several options for retouching your photo. One of the options is Auto-fix which will automatically fix your photo according to certain parameters and the outcome may not be always desirable and hence it is always better to try out the other options. For each of the options there is a help box which will appear on the left of your photo.

Step 3 - Rotate, Crop and Resize

Click on "Rotate" if you want to change the orientation of your image. Crop and Resize will help you edit the photo to the size you want.

Step 4 - Exposure and Colors

Click on Exposure and you will find two slider controls to adjust the Contrast and Exposure. You also have an Auto-Fix for automatic corrections and Advanced option for further manual adjustments. The Colors option will let you adjust the overall color saturation and the white balance in your photo.  

Step 5 - Sharpen and Red-Eye

Control the sharpness of your image with an easy slider control under the Sharpen option and remove red-eye blemishes with the Red-Eye option.

Step 6 - Save and Share

Under Save and Share you have various options for storing your retouched photo. You can also select between six formats and the level of compression you need. Click on Save to Computer and click on Save Photo to download the edited photo to your computer.