Using Olympus Master to Retouch Photos

Olympus Master is image editing, sharing and management software, available for free. The software has an easy interface for performing the main edits in order to retouch your photos. Here are a few steps that will start you on retouching your photos with Olympus Master.

Step 1 - Open the Image and Enter Edit Mode

Initialize Olympus Master and click on the Image Browser button to select your image for editing. In the top tool bar click on Edit and select the two screen display icon so that you can preview simultaneously what you are retouching. This icon has two rectangles side by side. Now click on the Edit Palette button in the lower corner on the left of your screen. This will open up a panel on the right with all the editing controls.

Step 2 - Adjusting Brightness and Contrast

In the Edit panel click on the Brightness and Contrast button and you will have two slider controls to adjust the same. Click on Apply to store your changes.

Step 3 - Adjusting Color

Click on the Hue & Saturation button and you have three sliders namely Hue, Saturation and Lightness with which you can adjust your colors.

Step 4 - Tone Correction

Olympus Master provides manual controls as well as automatic correction of tones. Click on the Auto Tone Correction button and select between Auto and Manual. You can control the tones manually by dragging the Strength slider.

Step 5 - Adjusting Sharpness

Select Sharpness & Blur from the edit panel and move the slider control to adjust the sharpness of your image.

Always remember to click "Apply" after you are satisfied with your retouching.