Using Magic Mosaic Software

Magic Mosaic software is very popular because it makes it possible to enjoy mosaics with your photographs. Mosaics might be an ancient art form, but they have never been as popular as they are at the moment. Tiled mosaics might look great, but they are very difficult to achieve properly. It's also near impossible to turn your photos into high quality mosaics.

What Is Magic Mosaic?

Magic Mosaic is a piece of software which makes it very easy to turn your photographs into wonderful mosaics. All of the mosaics that are generated are completely unique.

Generating Mosaics

Magic Mosaic software makes it extremely easy to make these unique mosaics. It's simply a matter of uploading the photos and waiting while the mosaic is generated. The mosaic photo will be generated as a JPEG image. This can be downloaded and saved on your computer for free if you want. This makes it easy to display it on your website or print it out yourself.

Ordering Large Prints

It's also possible to use the Magic Mosaic software to order large poster sized prints. The large prints can be ordered directly over the Internet. It's then simply a matter of waiting for the prints to be posted to your address. Larger photos are available on request and these will be quoted for independently.

Animated Videos

It's also very easy to use the software to create animated mosaic videos. This is a unique and interesting way to display the photos on your website.

Anyone who is looking for a great way to make their photos look more unique should check out Magic Mosaic software.