Using Livepix with Windows XP

LivePix was once a very popular photo editing package which was produced and released by Kodak. This grew in popularity over the years as it was included for free with a number of products. The software was then bought out by MGI which later became Roxio and discontinued the software.

Although this software has been discontinued it is still useful. This is why many people want to continue using it. The problem is that this only works well on Windows 98. On Windows XP or newer you will often experience all sorts of problems.

Step 1 - Installing Software

Install LivePix as normal following the instructions. If there are any warning messages which appear telling you about compatibility problems then you can ignore these.

Step 2 - Compatibility

Once the software has been installed you should then click start and find the LivePix program on the start menu. Right click the file and click properties. Then you will be able to click "Compatibility" and select "run this program in compatibility mode."

By doing this the application will be loaded in a special Windows 2000 mode which will hopefully work without any bugs or errors.

Step 3 - Other Options

If you are using a newer operating system such as Vista or Windows 7 then this may not work. If it doesn't then you could also consider using a virtual machine to boot Windows XP. This is included for free with certain editions of Windows XP.