Using iPhoto's Faces in Aperture

Aperture, the photo organization/manipulation/publishing software designed by Apple, has incorporated the iPhoto organizational tool called Faces. This option sorts through and locates pictures of the same person and then assigns whatever tag you've chosen to use for that person.

How It Works

Aperture Faces uses facial recognition software and algorithms to detect similarities in faces once a specific one has been selected. It sorts through your photo library, matches up similar facial features it finds, and then presents those selections to you for confirmation. 

Using Faces

Faces is a relatively simple way to organize your photos. When viewing an image that has a face in it, click the Name button. This will bring up a text entry field where you can input a name or title. Once you've named a single picture, Aperture will inspect your photo library and present files it believes are the same person for your approval. If a photo has several people in it, and you want to locate a single one, you can click and drag a selector box over the person, and Aperture will single that face out of the group. The entire process is fairly smooth and requires minimal attention.  

Smart Albums

Once you have assigned tags to people in your photo library, Aperture will place those files in Smart Albums which have online integration with Facebook and can automatically publish the pictures to your profile. A photo can have multiple tags, as well, so it's not limited to only the Smart Album. Aperture does give the user the power to sort photos almost any way desired; Faces is just one of the easiest and most convenient methods. 

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