Using iPhoto to Organize and Share Your Photos

Using iPhoto to organize and share your photos is simple and easy. It allows you to organize your photos either by the dates they were taken, locations you shot them, or the people you tagged. Sharing your photos on the internet is as easy as clicking a button, literally.

If you own a new Mac it comes as part of the computer's standard software. If you're a PC user then this article is not for you because iPhoto is for Mac's only. 


When you import your photos into iPhoto's library, the program automatically organizes them into events based upon the date they were taken. You can either double click on the thumbnail of an event to see the photos in it or roll your mouse over the thumbnail to see a quick slide show of the content in the event. This is called skimming.

In addition to viewing your photos through events, you can also click on the 'Places' tab to view your photos based upon the locations they were taken. If your camera has a GPS built into it, then iPhoto automatically includes that information in the file's metadata. Otherwise you need to manually enter it.


The 'Faces' tab organizes all of your photos based upon who is in it. To start this, you need to begin by tagging people. IPhoto automatically detects faces. You just need to tell the program the name of that person. Once you've started tagging the 'Faces' tab creates thumbnails for the individual people in your library.

Click on that person and you will not only see the photos you tagged but also all of the photos this person might be in. All you need to do is either confirm or deny that the tag is accurate for it to take effect. Everyone's face is unique and iPhoto's facial recognition technology is very accurate. If you were to import photos from the 1960s and photos from a few years ago it will be able to recognize your grand parents despite the forty year gap. That's because a person's face remains the same in structure once they become adults. With children it's a little more difficult to be accurate because their faces are still growing and the features become more distinct as they reach adulthood.


Once your photos are tagged and organized, you can upload them to Facebook or Flickr just by clicking the 'Facebook' or 'Flickr' button at the bottom right of the screen. Simply confirm that you wish to upload the photos, enter your account information and you are done. It is that easy.

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