Using iPhoto Effects to Enhance Your Photos

One of the great things about the iPhoto program is the iPhoto effects and the capabilities it has. You can make simple or complex improvement or changes to any photo you have uploaded to the program. Experimenting is fun and you don't ever have to worry about losing your original works when you make changes through iPhoto.

Enhancing Color

You can take a simple photo and make it dazzling with the iPhoto color enhancing effects. Simply click edit while you are in the program, and from there, select effects. You will be given the choice of changing your photo to black and white, sepia, antique or, better yet, boosting the color up to nine times. You can even intertwine the effects to give your photo a totally unique look.

Retouching Tool

Another great thing about the iPhoto program is the ability you have to retouch undesirable areas of your photo. The program makes it easy by offering a clearly labeled tool to click or drag over any blemish on your photo.

You can do other things with your iPhoto program too, such as correct red eye or use the saturation tool to create dynamic color. You won't have to worry about changing skin tones, as there is an option to avoid that also. 

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