Using Gimp 2 for Beginners

Gimp 2 is a very powerful image editing application, which can be used to touch up photos and make them look better. What's more, Gimp is also freeware and is very easy to use.

Setting up the Workspace

The workspace in Gimp is slightly different to other applications. All of the windows in the app float around on their own. This means that they are not contained by any other windows. When you first load Gimp 2, you can start a new canvas by clicking on file new. Then set the size of the canvas that you want to use.

Getting Used to Tools

There are many different tools available in Gimp 2. These are all useful for different processes. Experiment with some of the tools to decide which ones work the best for your project. The airbrush is a very popular tool because this has a softer edge than the paint brush.


Once you have created your design, it's easy to distort it to make it look different. Experiment with the different distorts by selecting them from the menu. Click Filters, select Distorts and choose the type of distort that you want to apply. This will make a new dialog box pop up, which can be used to adjust the settings.


Now open the colorize settings by clicking on Tools, Color Tools and selecting Colorize. Then you can adjust the Hue, Saturation and Brightness. This will add some glare into your video.

Other Effects

There are many other filters and effects which can be applied to your images. These include edge detect, which can be used to make some pretty interesting patterns.