Using FotoStudio to Profit as a Professional Photographer

It is very easy to use FotoStudio to profit as a professional photographer. FotoStudio can help you with everything from capturing photos to selling photos to printing photos. With FotoStudio, you can set up your own online storefront that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This guideline will go over ways that you can use FotoStudio to profit as a professional photographer, such as photographing sporting events, weddings and school events.

1. Sporting Events

There is a big market for sporting event photos on the internet. Taking team and individual shots of your favorite sports teams is a great way to increase your revenue as a professional photographer. Another way to use FotoStudio to make money off of sporting events is to photograph action shots that you can market to teams that are involved in tournaments.

2. Weddings

Many freelance photographers specialize in weddings because of the money that is available in that market. You can take photos of a wedding party and then sell them via your FotoStudio storefront. Those who attended a wedding may also be interested in purchasing reception and rehearsal dinner photos.

3. School Events

If you can get a contract with a school, you can take individual and class portrait photos and sell them to the parents of the students by using your FotoStudio storefront. Parents love to purchase photos that were taken of school events, such as plays and concerts, as well. Don't forget about photographing the band and cheerleaders, too. Parents always don't have time to go to school events, but with your photos, they can still see their child shining in his or her specific event.