Using Final Cut Pro with Soundtrack Pro

Soundtrack Pro is a useful application created by Apple. It can be used to handle all of the audio requirements in a Final Cut Pro project. They are very easy to use together because they both work together very well. It's possible to use Soundtrack Pro to easily edit audio clips from within Final Cut Pro easily.

Anyone using Soundtrack Pro to edit their audio tracks will make their Final Cut Pro projects much more professional. It's also one of the simplest ways of adjusting audio files. This is a professional suite, which makes it easy to edit, mix and improve audio tracks with ease.

Step 1: Using Soundtrack Pro

Soundtrack Pro is a very powerful audio editing application which can be used to create and edit audio for any project. This software also supports multi track recording and advanced mixing and processing features. You might need to take some time to learn exactly how to use the software, but it is simple once you get to grips with it.

Step 2: Editing from within Final Cut Pro

Editing audio tracks from within Final Cut Pro is very simple. It's possible to select an audio track in Final Cut Pro and then send it into Soundtrack Pro. It's then possible to modify the audio track very easily.

Any changes can be saved, and they will instantly update the changes inside final cut pro. This is a very simple way of editing audio files without needing to use any extra pieces of software.

Step 3: Setting up Batch Processes

It's also possible to use AppleScript to create a script to manage a number of audio files all at the same time. It's also possible to conform entire audio sequences using Soundtrack Pro and import them into Final Cut Pro. Learning how to use the AppleScript can be confusing at first, however, it's possible to use it to greatly speed up editing audio files.

Step 4: Making Changes

If you need to make changes to an individual audio clip in your project, then you can open this clip into Soundtrack Pro. You are then able to take a look at the file and process it by using various tools. Any changes can then be saved and imported directly into Final Cut Pro.

Step 5: Batches of Files

It's also possible to use the application in a different way if you are working with a large number of files. Soundtrack Pro scripts make it possible to automate any tasks which are easy and repetitive. These scripts can be used to add fades, normalize levels and remove clicks in the audio. Anything which is fairly simple to do can be automated using batch processes.

Step 6: Audio Suite

It's also possible to use the complete suite as a method of editing your sound tracks. This supports mixing and adjusting. Sequences and tracks can be sent into Soundtrack Pro as a multi track project. These can be mixed together and additional tracks can be added to create the finished project.

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