Using Final Cut Pro with Logic Pro

If you already know your way around Apple's Final Cut Pro, then using the Logic Pro together with this application will be a breeze. Logic Pro is a full-featured music production application that is commonly used in conjunction with the Final Cut Pro.

Logic Pro supports all popular audio file formats like WAV, MP3, SDII and AIFF. It can also be used to transfer projects from various video and audio applications like the Final Cut Pro.

Tools and Materials:

  • Logic Pro application
  • Final Cut Pro application

Step 1: Exporting Files as an XML file from Final Cut Pro

You can export a series or group of clips as an XML file from Final Cut Pro and import it to Logic Pro using the same XML file format.

Go to the Browser in Final Cut Pro. Choose a sequence you want to export. After choosing the sequence or clip you want to export, go to File. Choose Export and then choose XML. From the Format pop-up menu, choose the XML format. Once everything is correct, you can now click OK. Final Cut Pro's default choice will be "Apple XML Interchange Format, version 4".

After clicking OK, you can now name the file. Make sure that you type in the name of the file that you want to export and remember the file name. Also, choose the destination where you want the file to go to, and then click Save. Once you have completed this step, you can now import the XML file to Logic Pro.

Step 2: Importing Files from Final Cut Pro to Logic Pro

Go to Logic Pro and look for the File tab. Click the File tab and choose Import. From the Import tab, locate and choose the XML file you exported from Final Cut Pro. Remember to choose the file that has the same file name you used when exporting the clip from Final Cut Pro. After locating the file, click Choose. You can now open the sequence's audio in Logic Pro.

Step 3: Exporting Current Song in Logic Pro

By using both the Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro, you can export the current song's audio as an Interchange Format file. To do this, first export the current song in Logic Pro as an XML file. This can be done by going to Logic Pro and choose File. After choosing File, you can now select Export. On the Export tab, select the option Final Cut Pro/XML.

After selecting this, you can now name the XML file to be exported. Once you have named the file, choose a destination and click Export.

Step 4: Importing an XML file to Final Cut Pro

Once you have completed exporting the current song from Logic Pro, you can now import it at Final Cut Pro. At the File tab of Final Cut Pro, choose Import. Once you have chosen Import, try to locate the XML file you have exported from Logic Pro. After locating the file, click Choose. Once you have clicked Choose, the XML file will appear in the Browser of Final Cut Pro.

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