Using DVD Lab Pro for Advanced DVD Authoring

The following article is a description on how to author a DVD using the DVD Lab Pro. DVD Lab Pro is an advanced editing and DVD authoring software that allows the everyday user to create a professional looking DVD in the comfort of his home.

Step 1: Launching the Program

You will launch the DVD Lab Pro by selecting the program application shortcut from the programs menu. You will then be presented with a default project selection screen that you will use to select the NTSC or PAL broadcast options and other basic settings for the new project.

Step 2: Understanding the Workspace

Once you select the settings, you will then be shown a ‘tip box’. Close the box to proceed further. You should now see the main project’s workspace. The workspace will be divided into two panes called the ‘connections’ pane and the ‘MOVIE 1’ pane.

Near the screen’s bottom, you will notice another pane called the ‘Assets’ pane. There is also a collapsible directory tree window pertaining to the project at hand.

Step 3: DVD Authoring

Use the Assets pane to import the videos to be written to the DVD. Make sure that the videos are encoded to MPG format. If not done already, you will need to encode them to MPG format using a third party encoding program.

You will then right click in the empty space in the assets pane and then click on the ‘Import’ option. Now, simply browse to the drive location of the source video files and select one or multiple video files to be written to the DVD. Click OK to import the source files in to the DVD Lab Pro software package. Ignore any other warnings about de-multiplexing and simply click on the most recommended option for each video. You should now be good to go.

You will click on the wizard button and then choose the Add Scene Selection Menus and use it to create a movie dropdown. If you have multiple episodes to cater for, then repeat the process for each episode. You will then be presented with a Scene Selection Menu, which you will use to create links for each chapter or episode on the DVD.

Once done, you will click OK and then click on the scenes tab to choose the scenes 1 option under the link menu. Right click the resulting option and choose link > Scenes 1. Repeat for each episode and you should now be ready for DVD compilation.

Step 4: DVD Compilation

Navigate to the project menu and select the “Compile DVD” option. Select the output directory and then click on the START button. This will now prepare the files that will be burnt onto a DVD.

This process could take anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes depending on the system resources. Once done, the process will result in the familiar VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS directories. You can now choose the “Burn DVD” option from the Project menu, confirm the details on the resulting screen and click Burn.

You can now successfully author and burn a DVD using the DVD Lab Pro.