Using Digital Gem for Noise Correction

Digital Gem from Kodak is Photoshop plug-in software for enhancing images and performing corrections. The software is able to effectively reduce the noise in images and eliminate grain. Images can be from a digital camera, CD, scanners or downloaded from the Internet.

Noise Preview

Digital Gem provides a screen for previewing the noise in the image and a control for reducing the level of grain or noise. The level of noise you want to eliminate is left to your choice, depending on the level of detail in the image you can allow to be affected. The screen offers a toggle switch through which you can view the before and after effect and a Noise preview screen as the controls take effect and improve the image.


Digital Gem has Clarity controls for sharpening and softening. A Radius slider gives the user additional control over the surrounding area which is being sharpened or softened thus improving the localization of the effect.

For fine tuning the final effect, there is a Blending control which enables the user to mix the effect of the original with the edited image so as to get the best possible result. The mixing gradation is in percentage, where 0 percent implies the image is fully original and 100 percent is fully edited with the effect.