Using Corel Draw in a PDF Presentation

Corel Draw Graphics Suite X5 is an extremely powerful graphic designing tool appropriate for both amateur and professional graphic designers alike. The real strength of this software lies in its massive amount of design options and compatibility features which give users complete control over every facet of their graphical design projects. In addition, the comprehensive set of tutorials available with the product makes it one of the easiest software to learn. With a long list of end user products, CorelDraw is a must have for any designer who wishes to prove himself/herself professionally out there.

This article will discuss how to create a PDF Document through CorelDraw X5

Step 1 - Creating Multiple Pages on Corel Draw

It is really simple to create a multiple page document with CorelDraw. First, it is necessary to simply keep adding pages and copy paste previous designs on new pages or create individual ones. To create a new page, go to the bottom of your workplace, you will see a tab for "page1." Right clicking it will give multiple options including the option to create a new page. Keep adding new pages until you are satisfied with the size of your final document. It does not matter how big your file ends up becoming as you can manage all of these multiple pages through CorelDraw’s "Object Manager," which you can access through the "Window" option in the "Menu Bar" at the top of the Workplace.

Step 2 - Exporting Files to PDF

In CorelDraw X5, there are multiple ways in which you can export your projects to a PDF format. For a single page PDF, there is a very quick and easy way to get your work exported through Corel Draw’s "Proof Setting’s " in which once you have proofed your file, you can export it as a soft proof in a PDF format. For a multiple page document however, you will need to use the "Publish to PDF" manager which can be found under "File" in the "Menu Bar." Once you click the "Publish to PDF option," a window will appear from where you will be asked to name the PDF you wish to save and choose its location on your computer. You are only required to press "OK" to save your work as a PDF document.

Step 3 - Using Advanced Settings

For more advanced options, click on the "Settings" button in the "Publish to PDF" window. This will open up a second window titled "Publish to PDF Settings." From here you will be able to sort through General, Objects, Document, Prepress, Security and other Advanced options which will each appear in a separate tab. In the Document tab for example, you are able to include Hyperlinks, Bookmarks and Thumbnails to their document, in addition to whether or not you wish your Pdf file to open up in Full Screen or Page view mode. All these options available in this window allow you to further optimize the quality of your PDF document. Once satisfied, click "Ok" to apply these changes and return back to the "Publish to PDF" window to finalize your document.