Using Color Efex Pro in Photoshop

Nix Color Efex Pro is a professional plugin which can be used with Photoshop. This is a set of photo filters which can be applied to your images from within photoshop. The new version features an improved user interface which is much more powerful and easier to use. Here is how you can use Color Efex Pro in Photoshop.

Starting Color Efex Pro

First you will need to Open Photoshop and wait for it to load. When photoshop is loaded completely, you will then need to open the photo that you want to work with. Then, starting color Efex Pro is as simple as clicking the "Filter" menu, selecting "Nik Software," and then clicking on "Color Efex Pro". This will launch the new user interface which is quite easy to use once you get used to it.

User Interface

If you are familiar with older versions of Color Efex Pro, then you will see that the interface has changed slightly. The user interface window is now realizable. To resize, simply grab the corner of the window, click it, and then drag it to size. The window and all the contents will be resized automatically. The preview will get smaller allowing you to do much more with the available space on the screen.

The software also supports multiple monitors. These are useful for computer users who use more than one monitor for their editing. The filter browser can be closed to maximize the space available for editing.

Types of View

There are three different types of views available on the application. You can view the single image, split or side by side comparison. The split screen makes it easy to compare the differences. It's also possible to change the background color which makes it very easy to see the image.

Choosing Filters

All of the filters installed on your computer will be visible in the filter browser when you first open the application. There are also a series of tabs down the left hand side of the screen which can be used to select different types of filters. This makes it very easy to adjust the look of a picture.

To see how a filter will look, you can click on it. This will apply the filter almost instantly to the preview window. This will make it very easy to see how the different filters will actually look. There are also a number of additional tabs that you can create and edit for your own uses. This will make it possible to customise the software and make it easier to use for different people.

Editing Filters

When you have selected one of the filters, it will be applied to the photo. You can then use the palette on the right hand side of the screen to change the look of the effect. The options that you have available will vary depending on the type of filter selected. You can also move over the image to see how the different effect will look when applied.


The settings can be used to change the types of filter tabs displayed in which order. It's also possible to change various preferences to make using the application much easier.