Using Bokeh in Lightroom

Bokeh is a plugin for Lightroom developed by Alienskin. This piece of software provides you with a number of tools which can change the focus of an image. It can be sused to draw the users attention to a specific part of the photo by adjusting the depth of field and focus.

The latest version is Bokeh 2 and this is significantly faster compared to the original versions. The software has very good integration with Lightroom and ties in to the software very nicely.


Bokeh 2 will integrate with Lightroom version 2 or higher. This makes it very simple to use alongside lightroom. You do not require Photoshop to use the integration with Lightroom.

Running Bokeh

To open Bokeh 2 from within Lightroom, you will need to launch it as an external editor. This is very easy to do, and is simply a matter of selecting the image and then clicking Photo, Edit In and then Bokeh 2. You will then see a prompt asking you how you want to edit the image. It's a good idea to edit a copy.

Batch Processing

Bokeh 2 also supports batch processing. This is very easy to use from within Lightroom. Simply select lots of photos and then click Photo, Edit in, Bokeh. This will open all of the images in Bokeh and make editing them very simple.