Using a Video Screen Saver Maker

Individuals who are interested in creating or customizing their own screen saver should look for screen saver maker software. The Video Screensaver Maker is a computer program which fills this need. It has a number of features suitable for creating screen savers.

Easy to Use

The software’s interface helps the users create their own screen saver by following the steps indicated by the program. The finished product can be used at home or distributed to others for entertainment. Screen savers can also be sold for profit or used on websites to create additional traffic.

Customizable Screen Savers

The screen savers can be stretched to fit any screen, allowing each user to customize the image to their liking. All other settings related to the distributed screen saver can also be modified by the end user.

Program Compatibility

The Video Screensaver Maker can create screensavers from videos in the AVI, MPEG, MPG or WMV formats. Simply select a video from the local hard drive and the program converts the video into an installation file. The program can be installed on any computer running on windows. No additional program is needed to run the screensaver. All screen savers created by the program can also be accessed and used on all computers running on Windows.