Using a Soft Filter Plugin for Photoshop

Applying a soft filter for any photograph requires the use of a specialized lens by the photographer. A soft filter plug-in, however, allows you to apply these effects without using the filter. This is done by importing the photograph to a photo editing software package and then calculating the strength and the softness using mathematical equations. Here is how to use a soft filter plug-in for Adobe Photoshop.

About Soft Filtering

Soft filtering involves softening and reducing noise or too much detail in a photograph. This may happen while using hard lights or a brilliant flash. A physical soft filter reduces this detail and noise by softening the light entering the aperture.

How Does the Plug-in Work?

The soft filter plug-in works by recognizing the detail level through a series of mathematical equations, and then provides control to the user in terms of the intensity and the size of the softening effect to be applied. Softening of lights, mid tones and darks, or applying a graduated effect, may reduce additional sharpness.

Using the Soft Filter Plug-In

Apart from Adobe Photoshop, the plug-in is available for software platforms like Paint Shop Pro, Corel Draw, Illustrator and Fireworks.

For Adobe Photoshop, the plug-in provides intensity and size of the softening controls that may be manipulated via an on screen slider that controls the amount of haze applied to the photo. You can also use the retouch levels to further manipulate the levels of lights, mid tones and darks.