Using a Noise Filter Plugin in Photoshop

A noise filter is a great way for you to get rid of noise in your photos. There are noise filter plugins in Adobe photoshop that you can use so that you will be able to make your images look better and more detailed. There are several parts to a noise filter plugin. Some of them might be hard to understand, especially for beginners.

Soft Focus

This is a unique method that makes you reduce the noise while retaining the sharpness of the image. It is very similar to what a soft focus lens filter does. If you want to preserve the richness of its colors but want to reduce the noise, then soft focus is the right method for you.


Despeckle is an unique way of altering the noise of the photo to fit its surroundings while preserving the color of the pixel as much as possible. Through the use of this method, there will be blurring effects visible on the photo that you are working on, but this is completely normal and unavoidable.

Median Patching

Patching is one of the most common ways of eliminating noise. This is done by taking samples from similar surfaces of the photo and applying it directly to the portions that have noise. Also known as the clone stamp tool, it is one of the easiest, but it is also one of the most disadvantageous, because it limits you to the surfaces that are available on the photo.

Maneuvering through the Plugin

The interface of the plugin is easy to use. Once you have started it, you will see a drop down box that will let you choose from the methods mentioned above. Once you have selected a method, it will provide you with a couple of options that will give you the ability to be flexible in editing your photos.