Using a Film Grain Plugin for Photoshop

Sometimes a digital photograph may not look realistic due to the lack of the all-familiar film grain look. You can change this if you are using Adobe Photoshop as the image editor. To accomplish the realism, you may use the film grain filter or a film grain plug-in.

Understanding the Film Grain Plug-In

Using the film grain plug-in can help in realist and effective digital restoration of old images or to mimic an old time or retro look in a black and white (or sepia style image).

The film grain is simply the amount of grain that the Adobe Photoshop software package calculates and adds to the digital photograph.

Using the Film Grain Plug-In

The film grain plug-in provides a slider to vary the amount of grain added to a photograph. For most purposes, such as restoration or creating an effect, a low value of the grain should suffice. A higher value is used only if you want to add a special effect to the picture. You can also change the highlights and the intensity by adjusting the sliders based on your preferences.

Also, make sure that the grain values do not disturb the detail in the picture. Other uses of the film grain can include integration of a layer and an orphan object from two different sources. Equating the amount of grain creates the illusion of a smooth integration into the new background.