Uploading Images to Smugmug with ACDSee Pro

ACDSee Uploader gives you the chance to resize your images, choose captions and keywords and upload your pictures to a gallery in Smugmug. Uploading pictures and images with Smugmug is quite easy. The program actually guides you on its own, helping you accelerate your workflow when you need to upload images. Here is how you can upload images using Smugmug.

Step 1: Open Smugmug

Go to the ACDSee Uploader and go to the list of services. You will find Smugmug, Zemfolio and FlickR. Choose Smugmug to open the pertinent window. Click Next.

Step 2: Choose Images

Once you click Next, you will see the next window. There, you can see the thumbnails of the pictures and images you wish to upload. Below the thumbnails box, there is a login box, where you need to insert your login data and password. Click log in once you type your information.

Step 3: Apply Keywords

In this step, you can apply the keywords and names for your pictures. Below the thumbnails box there is a text box. Type the keywords there for each one of the pictures you want to upload and click on next.

Step 4: Select Image Album

In this step, you need to select the image folder and album to add your images. If you don’t have an already existing album, you can create a new one and enter the description you want for each one of these albums. Organizing your pictures and albums will help you find them easily. Make the album selections and check the privacy button if you don’t want your pictures to be visible to other people.

Step 5: Use Batch Resize

If you wish to resize your pictures, you can use the batch resize button. Once you are done, click on the Upload button located below the image box.