Understanding ZoomBrowser

View, organize and manage your images effectively and easily with ZoomBrowser, a utility software program from Canon. You can also download and directly print images or send them directly via email so you can share them with your family and friends. This program maximizes the potential of your camera, letting you organize and sort through your photos more easily.

RAW Image Support

This software not only manages your usual photos, but it can also support RAW file images. You can now view the images in their most basic format, even before they are processed. This gives you more freedom and options when editing.


You can also print directly from your camera and you don’t need to go through the hassle of uploading the images to your computer. Sometimes, there are instances when you need to immediately retrieve and print your images from your camera, but you have no computer to sync it with. Now you can just go to any photo-developing shop, hook up your camera, and use ZoomBrowser to print all you want.

Simple User Interface

When you’re working and organizing your photos within your camera, you need a simple user interface due to the limited screen size. This program offers you just that, making every option simple and easy to use. With ZoomBrowser, managing your photos has never been so easy and fun.