Understanding VSO Image Resizer

Image Resizer from VSO Software is a free program for resizing, compressing, copying and converting image files. This software is useful for optimizing the size of your pictures to fit in different applications and websites.


The software works on sophisticated multi-core technology, which resizes images quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality. Apart from working on single pictures, you also have the option of resizing a group of images as a batch in a single operation. Resizing is mainly useful when you want to send your photos via email or upload them on photo sharing websites.

Converting and Copying

Image Resizer also works as a photo management tool where you can convert your image files into different formats and create copies quickly. The software also supports RAW format and the conversion feature helps you to import your photos into various photo editing software programs.

Watermarking and Effects

Image Resizer enables you to add a watermark to your photos, thus protecting them from any copyright infringements. You can control the text in the watermark and also set the transparency level. The software also enables you to add certain effects like Sepia or add a border to your photo. The Digital Picture Frame Wizard helps you to resize optimally for transferring your photo onto a digital frame.