Understanding Ulead PhotoImpact and it's Best Features

Ulead PhotoImpact is a complete photo editing program. You can use Ulead PhotoImpact to easily manage, organize, edit and enhance your photos. Some of the best features of Ulead PhotoImpact include ExpressFix, next generation crop tools and powerful retouching. Ulead PhotoImpact also provides extensive RAW file support, which means you can edit photos from a wide variety of camera models.


ExpressFix is a tool in Ulead PhotoImpact that allows you to perform fixes and enhancements with a single click of your mouse. If you need to bring out details in dark areas of your photo, simply click on SmartCurves. To make the colors in your photo look more natural, click on the Auto White Balance Control. You can even use ExpressFix to reduce noise in your photos.

Next Generation Crop Tools

Ulead PhotoImpact provides crop tools that are not included with most photo editing programs. For example, Ulead PhotoImpact allows you to apply the Rule of Thirds grid to your photos for easy image editing. To compose a more powerful looking image, you can use the Golden Ratio Crop tool that is provided by Ulead PhotoImpact. The Golden Ratio Crop tool is a great tool to make the subject in your photo stand out from the background.

Powerful Retouching

No one likes seeing imperfections in their photos. A few of the darkroom tools that are provided by Ulead PhotoImpact include Remove Scratch, Dodge and Burn. If you need to remove skin blemishes and/or objects from your photos, you will love the Touch-up Tool that is included with Ulead PhotoImpact.