Understanding the Selection Tools in Final Cut Pro

There are many ways in which you can improve your editing powers in Final Cut Pro, and using the selection tools is one way you can extend your range while still using this flexible and adaptable software. Final Cut Pro can allow you to use these tools to get the perfect edit for your film. With practice and an understanding of vital buttons, such as the selection tools, you have no reason to not produce a masterpiece. The Selection tools can be found on the Tool palette, and are below the Arrow selection tool, which is the usual mouse pointer. The other tools are the Edit Selection Tool, the Group Selection Tool and the Range Selection Tool.

Edit Selection Tool

This tool controls the points with which you edit. You are only allowed to use one edit point with each track that you are working on, but if you happen to be using more than one clip on top of another, then multiple edit points will help you to get the work done without having to constantly shift the edit. In order to use you edit tool, make sure that you have stacked the clips so that they all share the save playhead point. Put the playhead on that frame, and then select the edit point you want. When you have found the one you want, press the E button, and the required edit points will all move to the playhead. These edit points can then be used to create effects.

Group Selection Tool

The group selection tools allows you to select the clips which you want to work on. The arrow selection tool does this, but with the latter, you will pick up everything else as well, and the arrow select tool can move the clips or disarrange them. If you want to select all of the clips without the chance of moving it or bringing one to the top of the pile (when it should be in the middle), the group selection tool can highlight all of your clips. You can then do what you choose with the highlighted clips.

Range Selection Tool

The Range Selection tool allows you to get a little bit more complicated, so that you can select an element in a clip, or a series of clips, without highlighting the entire frame. This can be important if you want to use filters for part of the film, but not include it all over the clip. With this tool, you can remove parts of the clip, or even most of the clip, but the unselected portions will remain. This can be very handy if you wish to edit a portion of the clip, while keeping the basic format of it the same.

You may not use these tools everyday, but when you need them to do the specific jobs described here, they can be very handy indeed.

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