Understanding the Photoshop Plugin Redynamix

ReDynamix is a Photoshop plugin for creating an effect similar to HDR, using only one image. The program also includes Black/White and Orton Filters through which you can create a wide range of effects. The plugin works with 32 bit applications on Windows 7, Vista or XP. The plugin is compatible with Photoshop versions like 7, 6, 5, CS, CS5, CS3 and CS4. It also works with Photoshop Elements version 1 and later.

HDR Effect

ReDynamix provides different slider controls through which you can get an effect similar to HDR from a single photo. There is no layering or capturing images at different exposures and aligning them. The plugin works on adjusting various parameters, which drastically changes the look of the image. The major slider controls include Brightness, Dynamic Light Radius, Dynamic Light Strength and Color Saturation.

Simple Interface with Real Time Preview

The interface is quite simple; you just need to move the slider controls to get the desired effects. On the right are histograms showing the shifts that have taken place in the image. The middle panel gives the preview of the image as you are making the changes with the sliders.