Understanding the Photoshop Plugin DCE Tools

DCE Tools is Photoshop plugin software which comprises of seven tools for photo enhancement and correcting problems which commonly result in digital photography. The seven tools are:

1. Auto Enhance

This tool will quickly enhance your images and has specific improvement options like Noise Reduction, Color, Midtones and Auto Balance.

2. Exposure Compensation

Correct all kinds of exposure problems with this tool. The corrections effect the full dynamic range and are not just dimming or brightening the image.

3. Color Cast Correction

Remove color casts from your images with the slider control or by using the Automatic White Balance option.

4. Correcting Lens Distortion

This tool will help you correct the usual distortions experienced with lenses, like barrel and pincushion. The correction is achieved by applying Bi-cubic interpolation.

5. Fix for Hot Pixels

Remove bright spots which occur when the exposure is longer than two seconds. This can be achieved by a filtering method or by using a black frame.

6. Portrait Skin Cleaner

As the name suggest, this clears the skin of a person in the photo by giving it a smooth look.

7. Perspective Correction

This tool straightens the borders of objects in the photo when it has been taken at an angle. The result is achieved by aligning the edges to a grid and applying the correction.