Understanding the Interface of HDR Efex Pro

HDR Efex Pro is has a high dynamic range photography interface that works intuitively. Most similar products are very complex and highly technical, making them difficult to use. This is where HDR Efex Pro stands apart from the rest with its easy to use interface, easy technical terms and accurate previews.


This interface combines HDR technology with multiple algorithms for tone mapping, to get unique results. This helps make images for interiors, exteriors and just about everything look more realistic, by using presets to give them an artistic look.


The Efex Pro also has an intuitive user interface. It allows for easy viewing of images, right from the start to the finish. It also gives accurate previews due to its feature that supports scaling of tone mapping for algorithms.

HDR for a Single Image

This feature allows you to enhance or correct your photographs in cases of highly contrasting images or in cases of photographs that were taken with unsteady hands or without using a tripod. For example, if you missed the click of a defining moment, because of a missing tripod, then the HDR Efex Pro analyzes and creates variations of the shot, so you get the actual snap shot you needed to take. With all these wonderful, user friendly features, HDR Efex Pro is worth trying.