Understanding the Buttons in Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio Pro is one of the most useful pieces of software which can be used to edit videos. In order to use it correctly you will first need to find out how to use the buttons. Although the user interface of the application is fairly straightforward, there are many times that you will be confused.

Pinnacle Studio is extremely powerful and with this power it can be difficult to use at times. By learning how to use the buttons and the interface you will find it much easier to master the application.

Step 1: Learing the Basics

When you first installed Pinnacle Studio you will of seen an option inviting you to take a tutorial. It's a very good idea for anyone who is new to the software to do the tutorial. Although this will probably take around two hours to complete it's two hours well spent.

The tutorial will teach you the basics and show you exactly which buttons you need to click to perform various tasks. This can be overwhelming at first which is why you might need to refresh your memory a few times.

Step 2: Learning the Layout

If you're still not sure of the layout of the application then you can refresh your memory in a few different ways. The help files are a great source of information and this should put you on the right track. Alternatively if you brought a boxed version of the software rather than downloading it from the Internet then you will find a quick start guide to help teach you the layout.

You can also find a number of guides on the Internet which will walk you through the layout and show you which buttons you should click to do certain things.

Step 3: Practice

At first the user interface of Pinnacle studio can seem very confusing. This is because there's such a lot going on. Considering the power though the software is actually very easy to use. The best way to learn the buttons and understand what they do is to play around with them and practice. The program is split into sections and the buttons will change depending on what you are trying to do.

The first option will be the import section. This is fairly easy to understand since most of the buttons will help you to load and import a movie file into Pinnacle. There are also buttons to pull recordings off digital video cameras and other devices.

Editing is perhaps the most complex and confusing menu. In this you will find various buttons to apply all sorts of wonderful effects. There are too many buttons to list here. By experimenting with the buttons you will be able to find out what they do. Work on a video that you don't mind playing around with. This should make learning to use the software very simple.

The Make Movie section is also fairly straight forward. This shows how much space is left on your hard drive and how much space is required by the video. The buttons here make it possible to create a video file, upload it to the Internet or create a DVD movie.

If you get stuck then the help button is always available to help guide you through the process.

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