Understanding Studioline Photo Classic Plus 3

Studioline Photo Classic Plus 3 is a photo editing and management software which provides powerful tools for batch editing and categorizing features for effective archiving.

Editing and Printing Features

Studioline Photo Classic has a simple interface with convenient slider controls for easy editing. The software provides interface for quick editing as well as a host of tools for detailed editing. The initial screen is divided into various panels for easy loading, viewing and editing of photos. Loading of photos is done by simple drag and drop operations and images can be loaded from the hard drive or from the camera and other external devices. The software provides easy tools for converting a number of images into a slideshow or you can publish them as a web album or send them via email. The printing features are extensive, enabling you to print in almost any size and formats like greeting cards, CD covers, calendars or contact sheets.

Categorizing and Geotagging Features

You can build a massive database of your images by categorizing them by descriptive text, keywords and also ratings. If GPS loggers are available to create digital maps then you can geotag your images by simply dragging them to the desired location on the digital map. The software will do the rest of supplying the name of country and city and sometimes even the street. This way you can have a huge collection of photos sorted by a place name or city. When your photos have been correctly sorted and categorized it is easy to access and view them by using the keywords or through the Timeline Explorer. All metadata and information of edits of your archive can be backed up on a DVD, external hard disk or CD.